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Drinking enough water ?

Drinking enough water ?

Essential for life, man searches for the water across the universe. Are you doing justice to this search by drinking enough water, preserving water and reducing the burden of the summer heat by drinking healthy, calorie-free water?


A glass of Salt and a Pinch of Water



Isn’t that absurd? Don’t you feel that the blogger made a mistake or that the blogger has something up his sleeve, a trick, an act that would put any respectable magician to shame.  Isn’t that headline absurd?

No tricks here and no jokes today. This heading is just an exaggeration of today’s corporate world and its innumerable fallacies that pervade and yet make it work.. I remember a particular incident when I received an email from an important person in my organisation. Clearly, the email was a big mistake and the contents wrong but as etiquette demand, I wasn’t  supposed to be entirely direct with him and maybe assert it to him so that he should get the data updated without making him lose his ego..

“The damn ego comes in every time doesn’t it?”

Well, we wasted time in satisfying his ego and ended up working a lot harder to keep up our company’s ego and thereby our own ego. I don’t know of I am going to gain from a glass of salt and a pinch of water but I know that it is something that I would see a lot more in my life. Isn’t it true after all that the higher up you go, the bigger the ego becomes!!

Honey Bunny Song – Catchy !!

I fell off the the chair listening to this song and the video that accompanies it. The jingle was made for promoting Idea, a telecom service provider in India..

Farewell My Friend, not Farewell

Farewell My Friend, not Farewell

I wrote this poem for a school in Chennai for “Farewell Day”. Click on the Image and go through to the poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Farewell My Friend, not Fare well


A Preview for the poem:

I wrote this poem 4 months back so that it can be used by a school in Chennai to sing it in their farewell day. Unfortunately, I do not know how that fared and did not see it performed. Friendship is both scarce as well as abundant in this world. It is a bond between friends that is powerful and eternal, yet frays with time. The Farewell day is the day when we are not sure of the future and just wish that things work out in the future. This poem is for all those who are in the cusp where they see themselves leaving their friends to make something new for themselves.


Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today;

Stay here and make my day

Ahoy friend!!!

This day is not the end.

This day is a journey when

We start together, go on together

Hearts and breath together

A path unknown, each other for support

This day is the day of miracles,

Live for me and I live for thee

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

A year of affection, a life of togetherness,

Man and man – this year of friendship.

’12 out ’13 in: I have seen

Companionship was and is, but not will of men.

What makes a man cry? A deep emotion….

I fear I misplace, strong it is

Laugh and care – warm-like Fortis

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Friend for life, listen deep

An entity, I am the sun,

A truth I am also the moon,

I wait for thee as an eternal flame,

While I scour the skies to seek my name.

Years together, years apart,

We remain the same in blood and bond.

Internet remains the ally in hood,

Seek my name and make my day

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Today remains but a line in time,

Tomorrow gains weight in time.

A day that creates rather than destroys.

Nurture this bond, repress thy fears

Distance is a boon, behold

I now know your worth afore.

Beware men of evil,

Pretty angels smite at my behest.

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Now I know you are by my side,

I leap and fly, glide and ride.

My friend, I bid not farewell,

Comrade I am, I wish “fare well”.

From tomorrow, our new life shapes,

Different paths, we may have drapes,

A promise it is, the drape is torn

Our lives are but an example utmost

Generation hence praise us as “dost”

Fare well my friend, I am but by your side

Please don’t go aside,

Please don’t go aside

Grazed my path today

Made me grace my days

Drive to the top

Federer wins comfortably today; i think today is his lucky day. I again see him winning comfortably tomorrow and for the  rest of the year . This makes me gape in awe .


It is fascinating to watch Federer, Sachin or Messi perform. This is because we know that they are the best and they will prove once again that they are the best in the world.This consistency in their victories makes me think as to what is so different with them ? Is it that they have realized their strength early and have directed their efforts properly in that direction or that they have been born with extra talents and powers? Even the personality of these “greats” makes me wonder as to what keeps them going after attaining so much success so early in their life. Is it fame or excellence or mere existence that drives them? So, what makes the difference between these people and the other people who are caught in the rat-race.

Mankind has not been kind to everyone and nor can it be. That is why Communism is a failed theory – Not everyone is the same and cannot be accepted to be the same. It might be our desire to want to be the Alpha-male in any group but desire and prowess are different. As an illustration, think what would happen if 100 hundred males are kept together in the same level. The males differentiate themselves based on their prowess and settle down in roles comfortable to them – the like-minded fight it out and the best one wins the role. This is the universal logic – there can be only one best and no one better.



“I am dying”,I whispered to myself.

“God loves thee for living this way”, The Preacher had foretold.

“No, Not dying but conjoining with God” I corrected.

“Alas , you are all mistaken”, God whispered alone to me


The veil surrounding me suddenly collapsed as i lay down in my own pool of blood. I tried to get up and adjust to the new surroundings but my body refused to do it. I could see the soldiers hurtling towards me in slow motion when life played a movie for me to watch; the last one it is, i decided to watch it. The fields, the maidens and the kids ran past me and then came the beliefs and decisions in my life. I could see a dark vortex growing in one side of the screen and every image that shot across my mind were thrown into the huge pool of darkness. The soldier knocked me out and God whispered the words to me. Alas, I could tell no one the truth !

I had been an inquisitive man. Questions zoomed past me in these tense moments and i jotted them down mentally..Why did God have to keep making changes to life of men and see them writhe in agony as well as laugh in joy alternately. Why doesn’t a happy man stay happy always and a sad man stay like that forever. Won’t there be a balance then and wouldn’t there be a full-stop to this craziness in the world -Won’t people be content with themselves then and stop meddling in others business ?

I am suddenly having radical thoughts. I was fine before but please do not ask me when. My mind is too tired to reminisce when. All i can try now is to recount some of the incidents so that you too would understand the deprivation i am facing now. I could remember vaguely that i too was happy once, I could remember huge meadows, friendly playmates and long playtimes but that was too far back.  Thinking about it itself makes my heart sick and long for the dark solitude place that was growing so that i could be by myself and teleport myself to such realms. I would see a village with maidens filling water in their clay pots and see young kids playing around these maidens throwing small pebbles at each other and making faces at each other. Kids could be seen playing in the stream and the fields, Farmers can be seen chasing away the kids from the orchids who come in search of ripe fruits. However cherished these realms are, I was unable to teleport myself there because I had a duty to perform.

How does this world care for one person? Isn’t always a plural more powerful than an individual. Ahaa,No. God has designed the world for every one of his creation and it is not that every one of his creations are sacrificed for his sake. I am called a terrorist by some, a jihadist by others, a fanatic by some others and also heretics by some, but chosen ones have always learned that no matter who is by your side, God is !! While we see that plural gets more weightage than singular when it comes to negative circumstances like fifty people have died due to a bomb blast, singular gains precedence in positive scenarios like Edmund Hillary– first man to peak Mt.Everest (Even though he was with Norgay, Norgay was sidelined by Edmund because Edmund understood human psychology). Likewise, I have been selected singularly by the Gods to uphold their honor.



The terrorist died not alone, but amidst a battalion of soldiers. He was declared a heretic, a terrorist, a fanatic by the state but God took him into his arms as the terrorist realized the working of the world and regretted that he couldn’t share his newly found wisdom with the world. The World was not decided based on God’s laws, It is based on Man’s superior thinking. While there were no other species as dominant in the world as the human being, it is natural that his enemy remains himself. His wisdom, his craftiness is reflected in the world through butterfly effect or chaos theory. Alas, only if Eve didn’t insist on having the apple.


“I had written this entry when i was in third year of college; Found it while browsing through files in my computer,,, Read and Enjoy !!

I found it missing once again when I needed it the most. I was in dire need of courage, which was lacking with me at the moment. I found with me a lack of faith that I definitely needed to surpass the mountain of worry which was piling on front of me. The situation on front of me was tense and everything slowly became less familiar and soon blacked out.I woke up much later as a wiser and experienced man.

I was standing on the podium with several other participants, watching the crowd cheering on us. Everyone was giving their best encouragement possible. The crowd settled quickly and the microphone was given to the host. The host welcomed everyone to the auditorium and bid the participants good luck. I was really flustered at the moment for the situation was intense and the silence was simply electrifying. The participants could be seen expressing their anxiety by either biting their nails or rubbing their hands together. The host slowly and smoothly came down and introduced the jury for the event. The competition was ready to start and the participants were asked to begin. I took the opportunity to make an impression and opened my account with a quote by a famous historian and slowly ate my way into the topic. I abstained from too many details and simply made the base for future discussions.

Mr.Srinivasan, I heard the calling of my name incessantly .I turned back to see a young balding man of late twenties, one of the quieter hosts, calling me. He rushed up to me and told that he was sorry for everything that happened. I simply put on a grimace and left the scene quietly. I reached home late that night after having a few swigs of alcohol, I reclined on the arm chair that I had recently purchased and thought about the proceedings of the day. “What a day?”, I grumbled repeatedly to myself and slowly dozed off.

It was about 6am when my daily alarm started buzzing. I snoozed till 6:30 and then completed my morning chores. The whole scenario came streaming on to me along with tears for I knew this was a performance I could never forget. I could visualize the remarkable start that I provided to the discussion and the repercussions of it. The discussion was going on fine until a red-haired guy had disrupted the discussion. The discussion which was moving smoothly suddenly became inchoate and everyone started to blaspheme each other’s views and the topic soon went out of hand. There were several attempts for amending that but the limit had been reached. I was thoroughly disgusted by the happenings as I was touted to win and even grimaced at the organizer of the “Brain-watch” contest.

Being a management consultant was a difficult task for a person who had a dream of being a top notch orator. I worked throughout the day with my clients and advised them on their projects and the nights were duly spent on this dream. I spent about four hours daily reading on philosophy and other abstract topics to develop my thinking. I spent up all my free time and money on better and effective methods to communicate with the people. I started small with participations at major conferences and conclaves where orators and politicians from different parts of the world talked on various topics. The topic had never concerted me at any point but the speaker had always did. It is said that the orator is a person who perseveres in not communicating facts but in sharing interest. Slowly I started presenting at conclaves and after few stutters I went on to become one of the familiar and yearning figures in major conclaves. I travelled around the globe and added awards from major conferences and conclaves to my name when I finally heard of “Brain-Watch”. Brain-Watch was organized by Harvard University in association with American Writer’s Guild. It was considered to be one of the prestigious events in the literary and management sector. I grew passionate about this competition and applied almost immediately. I started persevering almost immediately for this and soon became nostalgic about the world. I stopped working for awhile and concentrated my efforts for the cause. I cleared the preliminary rounds with ease and moved on to the forthcoming rounds. Slowly, the mass decocted and only us connoisseurs remained. Again, several rounds saw the elimination of interesting, yet palpable personalities. Finally, only few remained and we were considered to be the elite among the literary world.

We were publicized among the literary world and the winner was to be entitled to a small fortune but money hadn’t really appealed to me; it was the title of “Churchill’s Successor”. I worked hard and savored the beauty of the tense position that I would be faced during the final discussion. “That would be the most inspiring oration that I will ever present”, I thought and smiled at my own confidence. I mentally imagined myself being conferred the title that the entire literary world craved at the moment and took an oath to win it at any cost.

The grand finale was to be taking place on the grandest hotel in the city of Boston. We were ushered into a room and were left alone for some time. We were just socializing among ourselves when the host welcomed us to the podium. We sat in the room to face a million people and a thousand national cameras recording our every reaction. That was when the red-haired man sitting on the edge of the room disrupted the discussion and everything went into chaos.

Sorrow and grief seemed to engulf me completely after this incident and soon I was too morose to do anything. I lost all faith and felt like I was destined to be doomed. It was at this instant that strange and foreign ideas engulfed me and I was forced to reminisce about the dark past that I thought would never reappear to haunt me. I remembered the first time I found it missing when I needed it the most. I remembered my graduation day with its grandeurs and horrors. It was on that spiteful day that I was unexpectedly called upon stage to deliver an oration in front of the press and my fellow students where I faltered and broke down. I lost my courage and became depressed. However time, being a slow healer saw me through it. I came back with a thirst to become one of the best orators of all time. The drive to this dream was constantly fueled by the occasional failures and my will to succeed.

I write this story today as the management executive of a major food processing organization to tell everyone that success is how one perceives it. If I had won that day, I would have definitely been successful and become a top notch orator but then would my interests be fueled by some other thirst to win, that I am uncertain of. However, today I am successful on different terms because I thought of a change to management. That change could have been the right decision as life is full of changes or maybe I should have persevered a little more as perseverance is the road to success. That I do not know nor care for it is the decision that has shaped my life.

Penstroke and Keystroke

While the power struggle has existed for quite long, it is in the near past that the keystroke has shown overpowering dominance to the pen stroke. While Magazines and Newspapers had once routed power from telegraphs and radios, it is time for another power transfer to take place. Today you can find several newspapers migrating to the digital realm. With Google expanding his access to many newspapers and Microsoft not trailing far behind, even news giants like Rupert Murdoch are facing the tremors.

After the recent digital boom,we can see that each keystroke is landing massive punches in the information sharing space. It is as if everyone has a space to share their thoughts. If Facebook can show a growth of more than 1000% this year and we can see new blogs and sites springing up daily, it leads to one conclusion- that the internet is spawning a new turn of information exchange. This form of communication (through online forums, web blogs etc) was always anticipated to be a major breakthrough but the response is overwhelming with major organizations promoting forums and sites. Online forums are promoted by organizations (eg Java by Sun, eclipse by IBM etc) so that the popularity of these forums increase the popularity of the product discussed in them. This form of advertisement, though very popular and successful, is isolated to a small group of people and the reach isn’t global yet.

Organizations across the globe are now unraveling the power of the Internet to boost their revenues. While organizations like Google and Microsoft have already made it big here, other product based organizations are utilizing the existing frameworks to generate additional revenue for their organizations. I am at present working in a pilot project in our company that uses web 2.0 and social networking sites for generating revenue. Even though we haven’t faced a lot of success, the results are encouraging as we are seeing continuous improvements in the online market space. We also find a nascent deal of activity from other organizations. Although not measurable in the vast internet, we occasionally brush each other during our online activities. It will be remarkable to see how this is taken up across organizations globally. One thing for sure, the Internet is a complex child of several brilliant human brains and it would be a dishonor to them if a simple solution be provided to beef up the commerciality of the internet.

Thank you and wishing all of you a Happy Pongal !!!

Dreams on fire 24×7

There is a stark difference in me in the past few months. I cannot discern what the change is but i can feel it within me. I feel that i have to delve deeper into myself so that i can find out the reason.

I stood thinking for a while and then stopped standing and took a seat. After some time , I felt sitting doesn’t stimulate my brain and took out my headsets and put some Hip-hop music(don remember the name) and lying down started to think about this topic at hand. I thought about it for a maximum of two seconds and switched my brain on to several other topics that usually fill up any youth. Thinking on such lines, I started delving deeper into the realms that i didn’t want to permeate but was forced to as i fell deeper into it.

Jerking off, I again steadied myself and called on to say that i had a task at hand and shouldn’t stop at any chance. I started thinking about the topic of the change and the dreams started off once again. There she was standing , in a pleasant day with sunshine pouring over her. Yes, Indeed, she was a splendid sight. Dressed in Orange and Black, there she stood ready to go. I felt that i was the luckiest man on the world for getting her. I mean how many people dream about her every day and night but here i was holding my palms over her.

It was exactly three months since i met her and decided at that moment she was mine to take home. However, she was adamant on staying there for a few more days before coming with me. I just love my new bike Apache RTR FI 160.

I bought the bike three months ago . I decided on my first try itself that she was perfect for me and was what i wanted. I had to consider the fact that i had to shell out 70K for this beauty, but who would go for the beast when you had such a beauty. I bought it 2 days later and after another couple of days, she was officially mine(registered in my name). I have already crossed the 1800km mark and she was been relentless in her delivery till date( lets keep our fingers crossed).

I have this peculiar habit that whenever i have a experience, i like to share it with the sea. As it is generally possible due to proximity of the sea from my house, I took her for a spin and showed her off to the envious public. I took her down the ECR and completely forgot about the rest of the world . At that moment, it was only me and her. I was in cloud 9. This feeling of ecstasy was short-lived as i had to come back by an hour.

On a fine tuesday morning , I lay fidgeting in my bed thinking of what kind of atrocities they were committing against her. Powerful she was, yet beastly they were. I decided that the tension was too much to bear and called up the beasts on what was her status and they said she was finally there. Happy with the news, I took a bus to KPN Travels and awaited her arrival. On the back of the truck, I saw her tied and gagged up. Worrying about the safety of her vital parts, I checked her over. Happy with the results, I paid the guys for transportation from Chennai to Bangalore.

Her first service is over now and it would be due in a month for her second service. We have had a rollicking time till date. She is a wonderful social animal, I must accept. She creates the most wierdes

t situations for the owner. If some stranger approaches her, she knows that her owner will look after her and would sit smilingly and there would be one fuming owner censuring some poor chap who just came to have his hair duo checked. However, she completely believes her owner’s judgment and loves the people he does.