About me

Moving through the storm of life like a leaf in the storm, men are but a product of destiny. This blog is my attempt at deciphering the world as i traverse through it, painting, wrestling, wielding and finally captivating destiny’s story through my poems, stories, articles, photography and experiences. I sincerely hope you fall in love with this page so that we can travel on this amazing journey together. Please like, visit and share the page as often as possible so that more people can enjoy the poems and articles that i write about.

You can know all about me through the social networking sites that I have connected in the about.me application in the side. I would love to know more about you. If you want me to do some poetry ( my core competency) or dabble at photography (I am working hard on it and you will see it being updated soon) for you, please feel free to connect with me. Just mention it in the friend request and vola – lets connect and make things work.

Lets start discussing ! 😀

  1. Goodluck:)

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