A glass of Salt and a Pinch of Water



Isn’t that absurd? Don’t you feel that the blogger made a mistake or that the blogger has something up his sleeve, a trick, an act that would put any respectable magician to shame.  Isn’t that headline absurd?

No tricks here and no jokes today. This heading is just an exaggeration of today’s corporate world and its innumerable fallacies that pervade and yet make it work.. I remember a particular incident when I received an email from an important person in my organisation. Clearly, the email was a big mistake and the contents wrong but as etiquette demand, I wasn’t  supposed to be entirely direct with him and maybe assert it to him so that he should get the data updated without making him lose his ego..

“The damn ego comes in every time doesn’t it?”

Well, we wasted time in satisfying his ego and ended up working a lot harder to keep up our company’s ego and thereby our own ego. I don’t know of I am going to gain from a glass of salt and a pinch of water but I know that it is something that I would see a lot more in my life. Isn’t it true after all that the higher up you go, the bigger the ego becomes!!


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  1. Very true…inherently everyone has an ego…some have huge ego and some small…half of the problems we have in life wouldn’t have been there if we had smaller ego…humans in general…we realize it yet we never accept it:-)…well written…

  2. Krishnan Narayanan

    in the corporate world, I have found being direct without being offensive always helps. even if it someone senior, if there is an error or their statement is based on incorrect data, no harming in pointing out. Data driven, not opinion driven. I am still trying to understand the title of your post though:)

    • I totally agree. Opinions must not drive business, Data must. Thats the future of all businesses. Sadly, there are still places where this doesn’t happen. IT business houses are better off in this with good client-focussed practices inset.

      The title is an exaggerated mistake- “A pinch of salt and a glass of water” being the right form of usage. A mistake made is typically rectified by collective synergy. However, collective synergy helps only when every stakeholder is accepting and conforming to the greater good. Ego in a stakeholder just stalls or hinders work. Ego in anyone’s part makes the work distorted just as the title is. 🙂

  3. Well written, ego is everywhere more like our shadow, its an interesting topic to be pondered upon, hope you will try to get in the depths of it.

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