Life just gets complicated !


Anger Controlls Him

Anger Controlls Him (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









Traversing from a point to another.
Life, a straight path, it ought to be;
A curved path, it is in confusion,
Sifting the days, corners in procession.

What’s my true purpose ? I wail out aloud,
It pains to hear what i did, my lord.
Sinner I am ! My hearts emotionally warns,
Umpteen mistakes i made and make
World walks by, sympathy and scorn galore.

A thousand distractions, a thousand options,
My heart needs one but seeks another.
Should i do what i should or what i seek ?
I am but a pawn in nature’s own reel.

A day arrives, this day to remember.
Transcends all, shames and corrects my path
Alas, the day’s effect is long worn,
defiant i was, nature cunningly won.

The magician, the wand, a motion.
The straight wand sways to a curve.
This simple, unassuming life of mine
curves, with the sway of nature’s line.


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  1. I can’t stop laughing seeing the pic…he is like lord voldemort….so much of anger…just imagining u get so angry n it makes me laugh:-)

  2. brilliant poem. deserves to be a classic “a pawn in natures own reel” just awesome . do visit
    RESONANCE for more poems

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