Is Progress “Good” ?

Picture Courtesy : The Idealist

The more society develops, the more backward it becomes in its core values. Mankind moves ahead with technology and systems that make him better and faster, yet losing his identity and sanity in the process . We continue spending the same number of hours daily.  Is progress actually working against us emotionally, mentally and physically too ?


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  1. vaishnavibaskaran

    i just did not get the relation between the pic and the write-up … am i missing out something?

  2. Yes. There is a relationship. The picture is a representative of the words. I mean to convey that technology and progress appears to us as to moving forward but the world is actually molding the way we think. Our originality is compromised. That’s what the teacher is doing in the picture. She curbs the free thinking and aims to mold it according to society’s requirement..

  3. Compromising an individual’s originality is something that has been happening for quite a long time now.
    Here, the teacher curbs the free thinking and this is something that has been happening within our families as well.
    Sadly the bitter truth is everyone falls a prey to the needs of the society (which in turn was created by us). So, I really don’t think there’s any progress happening at all !!
    Real progress can happen only when every individual is able to truly express himself …

    • Exactly what i was thinking about when i wrote this ! Somehow, collective good seems to take importance in people’s mindset rather than an individual. Society is created by us and we are ruining our originality by attempting to meld into it. Do we believe in our good or greater good ? Is it actually a greater good? Is it good at all … ! Debatable questions… Progress is subjective too. We might be progressing down the wrong lane for all we know.

      • vaishnavibaskaran

        “Good or greater good” … Well. I feel, as we grow up, we tend to incline ourselves towards the so-called “greater good” or we are just made to believe real happiness lies in that “greater good” … And in the process of achieving this greater good, we lose our values, principles and more importantly our identity.. So, we need to have a re-look at what we mean by PROGRESS !!!.and then come back to see whether it is Good or Bad …

    • I agree with you that our definitions of good, bad, progress and distress are all society-driven. Especially, all the more true in India. How many people are forced to do things “Just” because the society deems it correct or their parents think it is correct? (Almost everyone in some stage or the other) . Compromises rule our land currently..

  4. It seems the new age technology and development makes us lose our ‘Atman’

    • Easwar – Is it only because of the new age technology or development? It has been with us from ages. Love marriages were disallowed in India previously and so was artistic jobs treated with a lot of contempt in several households in the past just because they do not have earning capability or what others will think about them.

  5. I agree, this is what is happening these days, there is so much discouragement when someone tries to come up with an original idea and the main emphasis is on mugging up and rot learning. Of-course this process is working against us , i remember one of my friends getting humiliated in our Physics class as he asked a different question and got the answer that ” Do you think you are Einstein ?”

    • That is sad to hear ! But it is definitely the truth. You get marks for reproducing the work that the prof thinks is the truth, Einstein’s relativity theory for example. But wasn’t it true that Newton’s laws were treated the ultimate truth before that ? Children must be allowed to ask why? and how? and criticize existing works to achieve progress. But again, is that progress what we desire? No rot learning will enhance the capability of the mind..

  6. Cool 🙂

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