Drive to the top

Federer wins comfortably today; i think today is his lucky day. I again see him winning comfortably tomorrow and for the  rest of the year . This makes me gape in awe .


It is fascinating to watch Federer, Sachin or Messi perform. This is because we know that they are the best and they will prove once again that they are the best in the world.This consistency in their victories makes me think as to what is so different with them ? Is it that they have realized their strength early and have directed their efforts properly in that direction or that they have been born with extra talents and powers? Even the personality of these “greats” makes me wonder as to what keeps them going after attaining so much success so early in their life. Is it fame or excellence or mere existence that drives them? So, what makes the difference between these people and the other people who are caught in the rat-race.

Mankind has not been kind to everyone and nor can it be. That is why Communism is a failed theory – Not everyone is the same and cannot be accepted to be the same. It might be our desire to want to be the Alpha-male in any group but desire and prowess are different. As an illustration, think what would happen if 100 hundred males are kept together in the same level. The males differentiate themselves based on their prowess and settle down in roles comfortable to them – the like-minded fight it out and the best one wins the role. This is the universal logic – there can be only one best and no one better.


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