Drive Bangalore Weekend What Masti?

Today was a no fun day as i was to be in office for support. I went to office as early as 10:30 and found the entire floor to be empty. Being a bit sad about the prospect of being alone in the entire floor, I switched on my music player and started listening to songs while the computer was booting. However, It still hasn’t stopped playing. I saw my mails and found that there wasn’t much for me to do today except being physically present till 7pm. I started whiling my time by going through social networking sites in succession and chatted with a few friends. However, time decided to slow down and i had no company after about 1pm. I kept saying “Madhavan, you can do it !! you can sit through like a vegetable through the day” and motivated myself for the inevitable. Five minutes had passed since then and i started playing with the sensor lights that illuminate our floor. IBM had devised sensors near the lights so that if there was no activity near them, they would switch off. These switches were effective and would switch off only when there was no activity in the cabin, thats the success scenario. However, when there was a less number of people in the office, the switches would automatically switch off since there wasn’t enough activity; How much activity can a software guy do.. besides typing on the computer. All this took me to 2pm and that was when i decided that i wanted to go out.

I took my bike at 2 and started towards an unknown destination. I started off towards Murigeshpalya because it had less traffic in afternoons. The weather was good with the sunlight filtering through the clouds and descending on us mildly. Of course, i am used to Chennai and Madurai heat but I never enjoyed them really. I wasn’t guided by anything other than instinct and took it straight to HAL. The road was simply awesome with trees enveloping either sides of the road. There wasn’t much traffic and i was able to cruise without too many brakings till Marathalli. I didn’t want to venture into Marathalli as i knew about the bad road there and traffic . I defintely wanted to move to outer ring road but was reluctant to do so because i had to be back at office. I returned through the same road ( A distance of some 35km was travelled on that road today) and wanted to check out a few more areas. My office, being in Domlur, I was familiar with the adjacent areas except proper Domlur layout. So, for the first time with a definite plan, I guided us to Domlur layout. It was a fine place to live in as there was all a bachelor would want adjacent to your home. Guessing the general direction of my office, I went that way and got into slums and all kind of roads thinking i was on the verge of discovering the shortcut. I definitely did find the shortcut , but not to Domlur but to MG Road. I saww the road just travelled and saw my speedometer. I was approximately 20km away from my office now and was deciding on what to say if my team lead had called. I came back to office in half an hour and came up to my seat. Seeing that no one had even tried to call me, I pondered whether it was time for lunch. Lunch and blogging, that brings me to this time.

I have to leave in 10 minutes after handoff to my US manager .After that, its Pizza Hut with the guys followed by events that i cannot predict.


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  1. Waiting for your technical posts.

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