Soul Stirrers Memory Unleashed

Music is a very powerful form of expression that has been around for several thousands of years but only for a few decades for me. I used to hear only Bhangras, Dabbankuttus and Hard Metal but recently about 5 years back, I heard a soft melodious song that transferred my liking completely. I heard the song on radio but couldn’t catch the name of it.Iwould hum the tune from time to time just so that i wouldn’t forget it. It took me a full year for me to find out the song;It was Addicted from Enrique Iglesius..

After that, my taste changed slowly and i incorporated more of soft music into my ipod. I began by becoming a follower of MLTR and Metallica. This change surprised me rather than simply accepting the fact that people change. I had seen people and their tastes change but I felt that this change was too drastic. I started pondering over this completely random thought and I remembered several people’s opinions that buzzed through my mind that he had changed and is no longer the person he was or she was like this and like that before blah blah….. From this, I figured that people had a problem coping with change. Is it true that after a change everyone starts to alienate others who had liked the previous you. However, if you are able to delve deeper into the human psychology, you will be able to realize that it is completely natural for one to change.

“Behaviour Change is Permanant and transient at the same time”.. Definitely for the simple fact that in order for a person to evolve or in simpler words to grow, he is expected to change. Now how can one say that change is transient; People tend to retain some of their dominant characteristics that make his character;these fundamental characteristics never change and still lie active generally,dormant in certain cases.I related my taste for the fairer kind of music( I call melodies as fairer kind since they are the more sensitive and touching) to be like one of the more transient forms of changes, the changes that change at regular intervals. I developed my taste over scores of compositions from Coldplay,Enrique,ARR,Yuvan, Roxette and Sting etc .

Now too, I listen to new kinds of music, whether it be Hip-hop or Alternate; but the trend is yet to shift. I still like to lie down on my cot , putting on some headphones and listen through the night to those lazy beats.

PS: Thats why my mobile and ipod are always short of charge… I tend to exhaust them often.


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