Madhavan R Sriram

I have developed a new fascination over my middle name.. I dont know why but ever since it appeared on my profile page at office, i got a fascination of using it as it is.. Well, now that i have cleared it to all that this is the same old Madhavan you know and this is a public blog, you can enter with all the calculated risk.. Well for the others, there isn much for me to say.. coz you are gonna understand how difficult and crappy my writing is..btw i have an aspiration of becoming a writer.. so if you like it please comment below so that i can mail you back saying you have excellent taste and will go a great way in life..I will be using these short forms as much as i can coz i hate the backspace key and a hundred other keys in the keyboard..but definitely the backspace is the worst… I mean,, who would like to take their smallest finger and cover the largest distance diagnolly across the keyboard so that you can not add but delete what you wanted to say !! God save the people… 🙂

Well thats my first blog entry in this new blog of mine and i just wanted to thank you for skipping this blog on the way to the next..
TC for now..


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  1. Nice na … All the best for ur blog 🙂

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