Sonys Bio Battery

Sony’s turned Phil-anto-phist
The ant lovers

Electronic consumer giant Sony has developed an environmental-friendly prototype battery that runs on sugar and can generate enough electricity to power a music player and a pair of speakers. The bio batterys casing is made of a vegetable-based plastic, Reuters has reported.

It measures 3.9 cm (1.5 inch) along each edge and works by pouring sugar solution into the unit, where enzymes break it down to generate electricity. Test cells had an output of 50 milliwatts, Sony said.

“Sugar is a naturally occurring energy source produced by plants through photosynthesis,” Sony said in a statement. “It is therefore regenerative, and can be found in most areas of the earth, underlining the potential for sugar-based batteries as an ecologically-friendly energy device of the future.” The company aims to produce the batteries for commercial use, without specifying when.


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