GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the next in line in the famous gore series of GTA.The Big and Bad are back in this mind blowing series with bigger badder police and villains.CJ relly Cs(sees) the J around him.The entire course of events are determined by the players skill.Great GTA fun,Realistic and Bad….

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–> GTA: San Andreas

Vice City won many Game of the Year awards, it set a really high standard, and the next game had to be better. That next game was bigger in every sense of the word: it included a state called San Andreas, with three major cities. It was designed so that the player would be roaming all the cities for missions and side-quests. was really big — in fact, it was a little too big. The game was based on CJ or Carl Johnson, who is called back home after his mom is murdered. The main plot revolves around CJ trying to figure out the mystery behind his mom’s murder, and it reveals many more things in the process.

CJ used to live in Liberty City; back home in the city of Los Santos resides his family and gang. He comes back to his gang in a really bad shape courtesy rival gangs and the police. He takes charge and decides to get his gang back to glory.

There were many RPG elements to San Andreas, like the attributes given to the main character. You could make CJ a fit and fine guy with high agility, or you could make him really fat and slow. There were tons of customizable options; there were many vehicles, as well as jets that CJ could fly. You could use a jetpack, and for the first time, you could swim in a GTA game.

The game was a major success and sold millions of copies; it set the benchmark even higher for the GTA series.


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  2. Thanks Alex. Many more to come ..

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