Brands – Customer Sentiment Analysis from Twitter

Brands – Customer Sentiment Analysis from Twitter

Recently, I came across this competition and enrolled for finding out the customer sentiment analysis for twitter based corpus feed. Please check out my solution and discuss it over there.

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Drinking enough water ?

Drinking enough water ?

Essential for life, man searches for the water across the universe. Are you doing justice to this search by drinking enough water, preserving water and reducing the burden of the summer heat by drinking healthy, calorie-free water?

Baburnama – Translations from the original book

I got a hint from Alex Rutherford’s first book of “The empire of the Moghuls”. A nice read. However, I wanted to know more about the initial accounts of babur when he entered India. Seems the saving mentality of India was there from right before Babur’s time. And with the Moghul dynasty comes symmetry and water ways to India. Surprisingly for me at least, Babur was the first to use cannons and muskets against Indian soldiers and destroyed the mighty war elephants of that time. Thus the age of war elephants came to an end in India and warfare went to the gunpowder.

Babur on the Flora of Hindustan

“When the mango is good it is really good. . . . In fact, the mango is the best fruit of Hindustan. . . . Some people praise the mango to such an extent that they prefer it to all fruit except the melon, but it is not so good as to warrant such praise.” [343]

Babur on Hindustan Overall

“Hindustan is a place of little charm.  There is no beauty in its people, no graceful social intercourse, no poetic talent or understanding, no etiquette, nobility, or manliness.  The arts and crafts have no harmony or symmetry.  There are no good horses, meat, grapes, melons, or other fruit.  There is no ice, cold water, good food or bread in the markets.  There are no baths and no madrasas [Islamic schools].

Aside from the streams and still waters that flow in ravines and hollows, there is no running water in their gardens or palaces, and in their buildings no pleasing harmony or regularity.

The peasantry and common people parade around stark naked with something like a loin cloth tied around themselves and hanging down two spans below their navels.  Under this rag is another piece of cloth, which they pass between their legs and fasten to the loincloth string.  Women fasten around themselves one long piece of cloth, half of which they tie to their waists and the other half of which they throw over their heads.

The one nice aspect of Hindustan is that it is a large country with lots of gold and money. . . .

Another nice thing is the unlimited numbers of craftsmen and practitioners of every trade. . . . In Agra alone there were 680 Agra stonemasons at work on my building every day.  Aside from that, in Agra, Sikri, Bayana, Dholpur, Gwalior, and Koil, 1,491 stonemasons were laboring on my buildings.  There are similar vast numbers of every type of craftsman and laborers of every description in Hindustan.” [350-352]

Babur Plans a Garden

“I always thought one of the chief faults of Hindustan was that there was no running water.  Everywhere that it was habitable it should be possible to construct waterwheels, create running water, and make planned, geometrical spaces. . . . Although there was really no suitable place near Agra, there was nothing to do but work with the space we had.  The foundation was the large well from which the water for the bathhouse came.  Next, the patch of ground with tamarind trees and octagonal pond became the great pool and courtyard.  Then came the pool in front of the stone building and the hall.  After that came the private garden and its outbuildings, and after that the bathhouse.  Thus, in unpleasant and inharmonious India, marvelously regular and geometric gardens were introduced.  In every corner were beautiful plots, and in every plot were regularly laid out arrangements of roses and narcissus.” [359-360]

Endorsement : Strikers Pub, Gurgaon



Was at Strikers pub yesterday with some friends. A brilliant place to be in Gurgaon when you want to have a good time. Excellent beer, great music(live music in the evenings) and excellent food. A go-to place if you want to have a good time.

The only negative is also not that big a negative-Location. It’s in DLF golf course road in the midst of construction activity. Definitely will become a positive in the future.

Rating: 7/10
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A glass of Salt and a Pinch of Water



Isn’t that absurd? Don’t you feel that the blogger made a mistake or that the blogger has something up his sleeve, a trick, an act that would put any respectable magician to shame.  Isn’t that headline absurd?

No tricks here and no jokes today. This heading is just an exaggeration of today’s corporate world and its innumerable fallacies that pervade and yet make it work.. I remember a particular incident when I received an email from an important person in my organisation. Clearly, the email was a big mistake and the contents wrong but as etiquette demand, I wasn’t  supposed to be entirely direct with him and maybe assert it to him so that he should get the data updated without making him lose his ego..

“The damn ego comes in every time doesn’t it?”

Well, we wasted time in satisfying his ego and ended up working a lot harder to keep up our company’s ego and thereby our own ego. I don’t know of I am going to gain from a glass of salt and a pinch of water but I know that it is something that I would see a lot more in my life. Isn’t it true after all that the higher up you go, the bigger the ego becomes!!

Honey Bunny Song – Catchy !!

I fell off the the chair listening to this song and the video that accompanies it. The jingle was made for promoting Idea, a telecom service provider in India..

Farewell My Friend, not Farewell

Farewell My Friend, not Farewell

I wrote this poem for a school in Chennai for “Farewell Day”. Click on the Image and go through to the poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Farewell My Friend, not Fare well


A Preview for the poem:

I wrote this poem 4 months back so that it can be used by a school in Chennai to sing it in their farewell day. Unfortunately, I do not know how that fared and did not see it performed. Friendship is both scarce as well as abundant in this world. It is a bond between friends that is powerful and eternal, yet frays with time. The Farewell day is the day when we are not sure of the future and just wish that things work out in the future. This poem is for all those who are in the cusp where they see themselves leaving their friends to make something new for themselves.


Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today;

Stay here and make my day

Ahoy friend!!!

This day is not the end.

This day is a journey when

We start together, go on together

Hearts and breath together

A path unknown, each other for support

This day is the day of miracles,

Live for me and I live for thee

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

A year of affection, a life of togetherness,

Man and man – this year of friendship.

’12 out ’13 in: I have seen

Companionship was and is, but not will of men.

What makes a man cry? A deep emotion….

I fear I misplace, strong it is

Laugh and care – warm-like Fortis

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Friend for life, listen deep

An entity, I am the sun,

A truth I am also the moon,

I wait for thee as an eternal flame,

While I scour the skies to seek my name.

Years together, years apart,

We remain the same in blood and bond.

Internet remains the ally in hood,

Seek my name and make my day

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Today remains but a line in time,

Tomorrow gains weight in time.

A day that creates rather than destroys.

Nurture this bond, repress thy fears

Distance is a boon, behold

I now know your worth afore.

Beware men of evil,

Pretty angels smite at my behest.

Please don’t go away,

Please don’t go away

Grace my path today

Stay here and make my day

Now I know you are by my side,

I leap and fly, glide and ride.

My friend, I bid not farewell,

Comrade I am, I wish “fare well”.

From tomorrow, our new life shapes,

Different paths, we may have drapes,

A promise it is, the drape is torn

Our lives are but an example utmost

Generation hence praise us as “dost”

Fare well my friend, I am but by your side

Please don’t go aside,

Please don’t go aside

Grazed my path today

Made me grace my days

How analytics work for the retailer and consumer finance companies?

Big Data Analytics in Retail Industry


This is what I am working on currently from the Consumer financing end.. Well, retailers and consumer finance companies that deal with retailers look mostly at the same variable – Sales. We want to increase sales and so do the retailers. We want it to be done through revolving credit and they don’t care how ! That kind of makes us partners. We come up with all those intuitive and wonderful offers and discounts that you have seen popping up in your account screens and make you purchase. You get a neat discount, we increase our sales and retailers improve their bottom line !

Its a win-win for retailers, consumer credit card companies and you, the consumer – We all gain through this??

Yeahh.. thats true in a way but false in a lot of ways. We give you flexibility but we also read your mind through your actions. We are the calm types that just capitalize on your folly. Some would disagree at this point saying that they have a higher working capital and a greater flexibility in wielding their finances – You are right ! People such as Warren Buffet have capitalized on the word “Credit” and made a fortune out of it. Well, not everyone is a Warren Buffet and most of them lose the money. On the contrary, a successful figure such as Warren Buffet may just as well rope in millions of simpletons into the system – “Category Membership” as it is called 😛 .So, we gain nothing through your happiness and you we just wait till you made a transaction you cannot repay and then fine you heavily for that -55% of our earnings are through lending activities (You read it right)..

Why Big Data Analytics ??

You would wonder what big data analytics has to do with any of this. There is a lot – trust me on that .. With your data, we read your actions and map you to people who behave like you. We have a fancy word for that – “Segmentation”. We target your mini-group (target population) with offers that you like and make you buy a little more than what you typically do. We run such customized campaigns throughout the year for all target populations and keep you engaged with our brand, and make you keep purchasing from us. Both me and you are happy in this transaction. Every customer spends a little extra from his pocket through this credit line that we extend and that adds to our bottom line and so as to the retailers. Also, we see how you respond in “Blogs” and “social media forums” (I may be tracked here :P) and give you what you like .. Big Data Analytics does seem Big indeed.


Well, thats what I am working on this summer. Hope you found my candid view interesting 🙂

Invictus – The Poem [William Ernest Henley]

The poem that moved me, that drove me and pushed me. The brilliance of the poem is in its simplicity of words. Beautiful and emotional, William justs blows his charm on others.
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.
-William Ernest Henley